Jürgen Jepsen, chef of the El Capitan restaurant in Empuriabrava, arrived at the Golf of Roses as early as 1972. In the 1980ies Jьrgen Jepsen realised what was happening: He turned his former real estate agency into a restaurant. Soon, El Capitan became a central meeting point for the international community. In the 80ies, it was the first restaurant remaining open all year round. Even today, guests are very welcome any time. Since 1985, the restaurant at the roundabout opposite the Montserrat supermarket has been used for daily gatherings by tradesmen, tourists and locals alike. Even though sales only cover costs during the winter months, Jьrgen Jespen can rest assured that he and his team are going to make it through times good as well as bad. The guests, on the other hand, also need not worry as they have been and will be receiving high quality food and the most friendly service. the chef summarizes: “Nine years ago, I assigned full responsibility to the team. It is Augustin Moreno Cortйs who is responsible for the perfect service; his son Cele is there in case the guests have any questions and Joaquim Silva Silva is ruling